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How to Search this Directory

Search Options

Before searching, you may click on More Options to limit the results. Selecting from the Campus and Affiliation choices will narrow results accordingly. The Include Departments checkbox toggles whether to search the departmental listing data. The Exact Match checkbox indicates whether to search for exactly the words you have typed or to perform a partial match.

Search Terms

You may search for items in the directory by entering any piece of information that may be contained in the listing: name, username, phone, email, title, address, or department name. If you do not have Exact Match checked under Search Options, you may search with partial words.

Search Results

The directory data consists of Individual Listings and Departmental Listings.

Individual Listing
An individual listing holds a person's contact information and is indicated with the silhouette icon.
Departmental Listing
Unique records will display with information from a departmental listing (perhaps including a person’s title). If you click on this contact card, you will be directed to the full Departmental Listing where that information appears.

Filtering Results

While viewing Search Results, you can type in the filter box to narrow down to the exact person or department you need. Select Contains or Starts with to choose between filtering items that either contain or start with your filter text.